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3 Tips to Help You Jump Start Your Workday

Ever had one of those days when it’s just hard to get things going into high gear and there is absolutely no creative juices flowing and everything you start out to do never seems to formalize?  Well that’s partially the inspiration for this post, but much unlike LeBron James,  I will finish this day out strong and have another productive “win” in the books.  Sorry LeBron,  nothing personal.

Okay so if you have experienced this,  here are 3  good tips to help you get out of that weird “funk”

Remove Personal Distractions

Most times we can’t get going on things because of to many distractions around us.  Whether it be our never ending connection to the social media world, (check out the documentary on the facebook obsession) or the constant buzzing of our  smart phones.  We tend to gravitate to other things when we don’t feel the enthusiasm like we want, or the productivity work flow has seemed to escape us.   Much like a needed vacation, we sometimes just have to get away from the things that aren’t helping you get to that sweet spot.  So whatever those personal distractions are,  identify them and get them out of there!  Keep in mind sometimes the personal distraction is YOU!  If so, well then that’s a whole other blog article.

Utilize Those Things that Help You Focus

After you have removed the negatives now add on some positives.   Find the things that help put you in the mind frame of productivity.  For me it’s soft music. Weird huh? Well it works!  What’s yours? Maybe its taking a brief walk and getting some fresh air or watching or seeing something inspirational.  Whatever it is, find it and use it!  Click here to see the effects music has on the brain.

Keep At It!

Success and productivity come in different ways,  many times we quit or give up because we feel we are not accomplishing what we want to accomplish or things aren’t going the way we thought it would.  Realizing that sometimes small incremental efforts will ultimately land us the big splash we were originally looking for is key.   If you stay with it no matter how small the advancement or how long it takes you will eventually have the break through you were looking for.

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